Dispatcher-Carrier Agreement

This Agreement is made between “Promax Dispatch LLC”, PROMAX DISPATCHER, hereby referred to as DISPATCHER and __________ having MC Number __________and/or  DOT Number _________ hereby referred as the carrier.

WHEREAS, DISPATCHER is a transportation dispatcher handling the necessary paperwork between a SHIPPERS and the CARRIERS to secure “CARGO” for said CARRIER.

WHEREAS, CARRIER is a motor CONTRACT Carrier Subject to the jurisdiction of the ICC: NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the promises and convents hereinafter contained it is mutually agreed by and between parties hereto as follows:


  • DISPATCHERS agrees to handle Paperwork, Phone, Fax Call to, from the SHIPPER to tender commodities shipment to CARRIER for transportation in interstate commerce by CARRIER between points and place within the scope of CARRIER’S operating authority and handle all invoicing to the BROKER.
  • DISPATCHER bears no financial or legal responsibility in the transaction between the Shippers, Broker, and Carrier agreement. Carrier is responsible for collecting the payment from the shipper or broker.
  • NXT Load Logistics, LLC agrees to perform all invoicing on the carrier’s behalf upon the completion of each individual load. A copy will be provided to the broker and to the owner for their records


  • CARRIER agrees to pay DISPATCHER per load per truck/driver dispatched by the dispatcher on the gross revenue for the whole week. Carrier further agrees to pay Samurai Dispatch LLC within (7) seven calendar days after picking up the first load for the whole week via Debit/Credit card.
  • CARRIER gives DISPATCHER authority to provide his signature for rate confirmation sheets, invoices and associated paperwork necessary for securing cargo and billing purpose only. The terms of this agreement shall be perpetual, provided that either party may terminate the same giving calendar day’s written notice.
  • The amount to be paid by SHIPPER to CARRIER shall be established between parties on a per shipment basis prior to commencement of each individual shipment. A load confirmation including details of shipment and revenue to be paid will be supplied via FAX by SHIPPER to CARRIER. Confirmation will be signed by DISPATCHERS and returned via FAX email to the SHIPPER
  • CARRIER shall be liable for loss, damage, or liability occasioned by the transportation of property arranged by DISPATCHER, SHIPPER while in the possession of the carrier.
  • CARRIER agrees to hold DISPATCHER, SHIPPER harmless from any liability for personal injury or property damage occurring during operation conducted by CARRIER pursuant to this agreement.
  • CARRIER will be responsible to comply with all applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to the operation of a motor carrier.
  • CARRIER agrees that it will function under terms of this agreement strictly as duly permitted contract carrier.
  • CARRIER may also book their own loads. There are no sign-up fees, or monthly fees associated with your account.
  • This agreement shall be deemed to be effective on the first date that CARRIER, DISPATCHER, and SHIPPER commence business together, and the parties hereby agree that the provisions herein property express and memorialise the complete understanding as contained in any prior agreement either written or verbal.


KNOW ALL THE MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I _____________of _____________ Hereby make, constitute, and appoint Samurai Dispatch LLC as my True and lawful attorney in fact for me and in my name, place, and stead; for the following
purpose only:

  • To transfer documents associated with load bookings.
  • Accepts Loads.
  • Discuss your accounts and invoice brokers and/or direct shippers to receive payments Modes of communicating for requesting and receiving documents may include telephone, email, fax or mail.